Questions to Ask When Buying a Hot Tub

Shopping for a hot tub is very exciting.  At the same time, it might feel a bit overwhelming when deciding what features best suit your needs.  There are several questions to ask yourself during your search to help narrow down your options. What will bringing that hot tub home look like for you? Will the hot tub provide you balance and relaxation?  What about socialization? Maybe all of the above? Take a step back, answer these questions, and take the next steps to put your vision into motion!

  • Do you want to use your spa for...Renewal?

    Are you interested in a place of total relaxation where you can unwind after a long day? An easy to maintain, private hot tub offers daily opportunity for meditative soaking and relaxing.  If you are interested in tranquil renewal, you may be searching for:

    • A smaller sized tub for quiet and private soaks
    • A comfortable design that allows you to let go
    • Easy and intuitive controls along with worry-free maintenance
    • Ambiance: waterfalls, LED lighting, personalized jets, maybe even a music system
  • Do you want to use your spa for...Rejuvenation?

    Do you have an active lifestyle and are looking for a place to recover? Do you seek alleviation from sore muscles? A hydrotherapy spa could be just the thing you need to decompress from your active daily routine.  If you’re interested in relief and rejuvenation, you may be looking for:

    • A mid-sized hot tub with plenty of space for deep soaking
    • Powerful jets with various functions for a diverse massage experience
    • Adaptable controls so you have the ability to customize your temperature and massage strength for different healing needs
  • Do you want to use your spa for...Reconnection?

    Does your schedule leave you feeling disconnected? Are you looking for a new way to bring family and friends together? A spacious spa can become the new place at your home for people to look forward to spending time together. If this sounds like something you are looking for, you may want:

    • A large hot tub with plenty of space for friends and family to move around and interact comfortably
    • A stylish design that you look forward to sharing
    • Little maintenance and intuitive controls
    • Interesting features: interactive music and entertainment systems or unique lighting
  • How complicated is cleaning and maintenance of this model and any additional features I’m interested in? How much will chemicals and maintenance cost each year?

    Today’s premium brands are designed for the user experience including care and maintenance. Your dealer can provide you with the instructions to take care of certain maintenance yourself while providing you with experienced technicians to take care of the more complicated tasks.  If you are interested in less intensive or less expensive maintenance options, there are hot tub systems available for that purpose as well.

  • What is the average electrical cost to operate this hot tub model in this area?

    The cost of your hot tub will depend on the cost of electricity in your area and the amount of power your hot tub model calls for.  Your dealer can assist you in figuring out those cost estimates.

  • Are there any accessories or upgrades you recommend to extend the life of the spa and its components?

    Some features, such as lighting and entertainment, are exceptional additions to your hot tub experience.  Other items, like cover lift and water quality products, are essential for the resilience and long life of your spa.  Your dealer can assist you in identifying what additional items will maximize your investment for years to come.

  • To what extent can I adjust the jets and customize my massage experience?

    We will show you the controls on the hydrotherapy models and demonstrate the versatility of the jets for your needs and purposes.  We recommend at least trying the jets out with your arm, however, a full test soak is the best route to matching the hot tube to your expectations.